Web accessibility is about inclusive design — ensuring all people can access information, including people with disabilities and those using assistive technologies and devices.

All public service and non-public service agencies must meet the NZ Government Web Accessibility Standard 1.0. The NZ standard is based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, an international standard that has been adopted by governments around the world. This website has been built to meet those standards. The options made available here help a wide range of people to access the site and find information they require.


This site contains shortcut keys that will take you to major sections of this website.

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Font re-sizing

There are common keyboard shortcuts that can make text bigger within your browser.

Google Chrome

Ctrl + on Windows and Linux (Note: Shift is required in some circumstances)

Firefox 2 and higher

Ctrl + on Windows and Linux

Ctrl on Mac OS X

Firefox 14.0.1 and higher

Ctrl + on Windows and Linux

Ctrl on Mac OS X

Internet Explorer

Ctrl + on Windows and Linux. IE 8.0 and lower requires enter to be pressed


Ctrl + on Windows and Linux

Ctrl + Opt on Mac OS X

For more information, please contact

International +64 3 477 3014
New Zealand 0800 762 786